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Jon Iriberri of Custom4us.com is with us for the week to share ideas and views on bike fitting and bike design. We thought we would make the most of his skills to fit Phil for his time trial position for next year's comeback.
Jon works with the professional Spannish cycle team Movistar and most of Spain's professional riders but had his work cut out with Phil.
Actually he didn't as most professional cyclists have worse bio-mechanics than many of us.
We worked on Phil's overall position and also attempted to change his pedal technique to improve his pelvic stability and to even out his left/right pedal stroke. The way a rider pedals has a massive impact on their pelvic stability, comfort and power output.
To stabilise his feet we used wedges and a 3mm stack on the right side where his hip dropped (Phil already had his footbeds fitted).
His pedalling motor pattens that have evolved over the years to compensate for his original bio-mechanical asymmetries and several major crashes were confronted.
This will take some time as he has been pedalling the same way for many years and as Phil quite rightly says; " bike fitting is a process not an event".
As we are so often reminded when working with Jon a bike fitter cannot always follow the 'bike fitting manual' but must consider the rider's body and all its intricacies and history to achieve their optimum riding position.

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