Lightweight Wheels

Lightweight wheels of Germany

Lightweight's hand made wheels are in our humble opinion the most refined carbon wheels you can fit to your bike: light, strong, reliable.
The Lightweight wheels are all made by hand in Germany.

Find out more on Lightweight's website and discover why the wheels are so much in demand.

We can supply and fit tubulars from Veloflex, Continental and Vittoria. If there is another brand you prefer please let us know.

We could wax lyrical about these wheels for a very long time, but to summarise the differences between models:

- Meilenstein wheels are the standard offering- great for everything.
- Gipfelsturm are a lighter wheelset with shallower rims; ideal for tackling those big cols or in very windy conditions.
- Fernweg feature a deeper rim (80mm) for the ultimate stiff and aero wheelset.
- Rundkurs wheels are developed specifically for track riding.
- Autobahn wheels are naturally your first choice for serious Time Trialling.

Prices: including VAT at 20%)

Meilenstein Tubular Pair £2,999.00
Meilenstein Tubular Front £1,399.50
Meilenstein Tubular Rear £1,599.50
Meilenstein Clincher Pair £3,399.00
Meilenstein Clincher Front £1,599.50
Meilenstein Clincher Rear £1,799.50
Meilenstein Obermayer (superlight version) Pair £3,999.99
Meilenstein Obermayer (superlight version) Front £1,599.50
Meilenstein Obermayer (superlight version) Rear £2,399.50

Gipfelsturm Tubular Pair £3,149.00
Gipfelsturm Tubular Front £1,399.50
Gipfelsturm Tubular Rear £1,749.50

Fernweg Tubular Pair £3,999.00
Fernweg Tubular Front £1,899.50
Fernweg Tubular Rear £2099.50
Fernweg Clincher Pair £4,399.00
Fernweg Clincher Front £1,999.50
Fernweg Clincher Rear £2,399.50

Rundkurs Tubular Spoked Pair £2,799.00
Rundkurs Tubular Spoked Front £1,299.50
Rundkurs Tubular Spoked Rear £1,499.50
Rundkurs Tubular Disc Pair £4,649.00
Rundkurs Tubular Disc Front £2,324.50
Rundkurs Tubular Disc Rear £2,324.50

Autobahn TT Pair £4,299.00
Autobahn TT 8-spoke Front £1,999.50
Autobahn TT Disc Rear £2,299.50

Mixed Sets
Gipfelsturm Tubular Front & Meilenstein Tubular Rear £2,999.00
Gipfelsturm Tubular Front & Meilenstein Obermayer Rear £3,799.00
Autobahn TT 8-spoke Front & Fernweg Tubular Rear £4,099.00

All wheels can be upgraded to Limited Edition White colour scheme for £299.00 per pair.

To place an order please click on one of the above links or email (see right) or call 020 7430 0083 and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Lightweight wheels from Cyclefit in London

Lightweight wheels are the lightest wheels for climbing Cyclefit in London

Lightweight Gipfelsturm are a lighter wheelset with shallower rims Lightweight Gipfelsturm Pair (Limited Edition White)

Lightweight Meilenstein wheels Lightweight Meilenstein Pair

Lightweight Fernweg 80mm rim ultimate aero wheels Lightweight Fernweg Pair

Lightweight Track wheels from Cyclefit in London Lightweight Rundkurs Spoked Front and Disc Rear

Lightweight Autobahn wheels for time trialling Lightweight Autobahn Pair