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Project One Painter

Building the Dream

After your Cyclefit the XY position co-ordinates from the Fit Bike will help us select the correctly sized frame and component dimensions; together we will design every detail of your dream ride and bring your vision to life. We’ll create your bike the way we create every Project One with attention to detail and with the skill of Trek's most-experienced builders and artists. 

Choose your frame

By using Trek's three frame platforms and four very different models: the Emonda, the Domane, the Silque and the Madone - we can build you a bike that is perfect for your type of riding. 

For the triathlete and the Time Triallist there is the Speed Concept.

For those who love riding off-road there are the Top Fuel, Fuel Ex and Pro Caliber.


Choose your colour and design

Design a bike using Trek's colour palette and design templates for a very personalised ride; four colour options are available at no extra cost; for more complex designs there is a paint upcharge.

Choose your components

You can choose the components and we can select the correct dimensions and specification based on your Cyclefit data, stem length and handlebar width, crank length and gearing. Upgrade to ceramic bearings and choose your bar tape and the colour.

Find out more

Visit our gallery for inspiration and Trek's website to start designing your new bike.

Please call to discuss further or book an appointment.