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A Canyon Wide Divide

It happens once in a while. It has happened now. Things bubble up into a rant.

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Ginger cyclist - Victoria's blog

We would like to welcome inspirational women's bike-racer, Victoria Grimmer to Cyclefit.

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20 Minutes of Performance

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics, but there’s no hiding from the fact that numbers tell important stories. The plot line that was unfolding on the Wattbike’s LCD display, in Performancepro’s Great Titchfield Street facility, was unflinching in its description of my current level of fitness.

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Five Reasons to Buy a Custom Bike

Working custom means that every aspect of the ride experience can be tuned to the rider. Geometry, tubing stiffness profiles even butting can be individual.

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Parlee Z-Zero Review

Let me lay my multiple conflicts at your feet. I recently wrote that now the 'quality' manufacturers finally understand bike geometry and further how it correlates to the amateur cyclist, is there still a need for custom carbon?

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2016 Trek Domane SLR

The Original 2012 Domane was shockingly good in concept and execution, could the new 2016 SLR version be any better?

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