International Cyclefit Symposium

Cyclefit Welcomes you to ICS 2012

Cyclefit's guiding principle over the last ten years has been that bike fitting is by its nature collaborative and broad-skilled.
It requires the skilled technician to have a good background understanding of not only bicycles and performance cycling, but also biomechanics, anatomy, aerodynamics and sometimes even psychology.
Jules and Phil at Cyclefit have been very lucky to work together from the start, constantly peer reviewed with a referral network of skilled and patient complimentary professionals to keep them honest.
It has become very clear that it is much more effective and enjoyable to learn thoroughly an emerging subject by continually sharing knowledge.
It is in that spirit of sharing that we would like to invite you to the 2012 International Cyclefit Symposium.

2012 ICS

The International Cyclefit Symposium is a two day forum into the relationship between the human body and a bicycle. The journey will by necessity draw from may disciplines:

  • Bike fitting practitioners
  • Medical community
  • Academic community
  • Bicycle frame and component manufacturers

The international line-up of speakers have selected because they are all leaders in their particular field.
Each speaker will present for 45 minutes. There will then be a chaired Q & A session from the symposium to try and learn from each other and also establish 'best practice' for fitting and related disciplines.

Practical Sessions

At the end of each day there will be a demonstration/participation fitting by an experienced technician. Comments and general input from speakers and delegates will be encouraged!

Who Should Attend?

ICS will be a fascinating learning forum for anyone who has an interest performance cycling. However ICS will have real-world resonance and practical relevance to particular groups:

  • Bike fitters
  • Cycling coaches
  • Manual therapists (physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths..etc)
  • Associated medical community - podiatrists, sports physicians …etc
  • Relevant academic community and researchers
  • Biomechanists with an interest in cycling
  • Cycling retailers - especially working in performance sector
  • Bicycle and component designers

International Cyclefit Symposium Speakers

Cyclefit's International Symposium has guest speakers from around the world who are all in their own way leaders in their particular field. ICS is a unique event and the only occasion where all the disparate branches of cycling science and fitting community can come together for a collective learning experience.

When and Where

The inaugural ICS takes place over two days in the heart of Covent Garden in Central London at The Design Centre on January 25th-26th (Wed and Thurs). 8:45am - 6:30pm

Graham AndersonBalance PhysiotherapyBike-fitting - art, science or nonsense?
Dr Jeff BrokerUniversity of Colorado SpringsPedalling Kinesiology
Keith BontragerBontrager / TrekThe Myth of K.O.P.S.
Phil BurtBritish Cycling / Team SkyElite bike fitting & Injuries
Todd CarverRetulA Complete 3D Fit and Sizing Protocol
Alberto FonteFi'z:k Marketing ManagerSpine Concept - how human flexibility affect the saddle choice
Jon IriberriMovistar Team/Custom4.usRange of motion and pelvic rotation
Paraic McGlynnFasterBiomechanics, Biometrics and Drag – the cyclists balancing act
Dr Nigel StephensConsultant cardiologistCycling versus the human heart
Dr Katrina 'Kit' VogelBikeFit.comPelvic Asymmetry and Effects on Lower Extremity Biomechanics of Cycling

Please note - we reserve the right to alter the speaker line-up between now and January.