ICS 2013

International Cyclefit Symposium 2013

It has become very clear that it is much more effective and enjoyable to learn thoroughly an emerging subject by continually sharing knowledge.

The 2013 ICS saw such multidisciplinary collaboration, and featured:

Ben Serotta, Founder of Serotta and Godfather of Custom

Introductory Address

Dr Thomas Korff, Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics, Brunel University

Conducting Scientific Experiments: Finding The Balance Between Scientific Scrutiny And Meaningful Application

Jon Iriberri, CEO of custom4.us and adviser to Movistar Pro Cycling Team

An In-Depth Saddle Analysis; Separating Fact From Myth & Folklore

Todd Carver, One of the Founders of Retul

The Sustainable Time-Trial Fit

Paul Barratt, English Institute of Sport Biomechanicist and adviser to British Cycling

Biomechanics at British Cycling: Applying Scientific Principles To The World of Elite Sport

Paul Swift, Founder of Bikefit.Com and inventor of numerous cycling and fitness industry tools

Working Up The Chain: From Foot/Pedal to Pelvis

Phil Burt, Lead Physiotherapist at British Cycling and Consultant Physiotherapist at Sky Pro Cycling Team

Micro-Adjusters vs Macro-Absorbers and a Potential Dynamic Systems Analysis Application

Oliver Elsenbach, Developer of Solestar Insoles

Individually-Fitted Carbon Cycling Insoles: Background, Function and Benefits

Curtis Cramblett, Founder of Revolutions in Fitness and adviser to the Garmin-Cervelo Professional Cycling Team

The Dynamic Fitting Process: Thinking Beyond A Basic Neutral Fit

Dr Mark Timmerman, Medical Adviser to Trek Bicycle Corporation and the RadioShack Leopard Trek Professional Cycling Team

Building Trust and Strengthening Relationships With Clients Through the Interview and Exam Process

Sean Madsen, Director of the Specialized BodyGeometry Fit Method

BodyGeometry Fit and the Elite Athlete

Kyle Russ, Biomechanical Engineer at Trek Bicycle Corporation

The Use of Pressure-Mapping and High-Speed Video Analysis to Influence Saddle Choice

Paraic McGlynn, Founder of Cyclologic

Real World Kinematics, Biometrics and Biomechanics

A selection of the presentations can be viewed on Our Dartfish Channel

Short interviews with a number of speakers, exhibitors and attendees are also available on our YouTube Channel

International Cyclefit Symposium

Kit Vogel and Philip Cavell