Triathlon & Time Trial Fitting

Triathlons and time trial events pose a new set of challenges to the athlete looking for performance, aerodynamic advantage and stability

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Triathlon & Time Trial Fitting

Fitting a rider for an Ironman triathlon, a ten mile Time Trial or a pursuit race in the velodrome event a is inherently difficult and should only ever be undertaken by the most skilled and experienced fitters. Our Triathlon and Time Trial fitting includes special fit-related challenges to the athlete and a delicate balance to optimise power, aerodynamics, function and comfort. 

Up to 80% of total drag is attributable to the rider, so it's right to focus here for the biggest slippery gains. 

Depending on the particular event and duration your position will be adjusted accordingly; with attention paid to equipment and helmet selection plus a focus on posture and head position to generate power and reduce drag. Our fitters have worked with GB pursuit riders, World Tour time triallists and GB Age Group Triathletes all looking for that place on the bike that feels like home.

£350 / 3 hours

A professional Triathlon or Time Trial fitting will:

Reduce frontal surface area and optimise aerodynamic shape
Fine tune posture and head position
Maintain good breathing function
Optimise knee-extension
Maintain pelvic stability
Adjust crank-length
Maintain open-hip with forward rotation
Calibrate cleat-position
Maintain good pedalling dynamics (especially through the top of the pedal stroke)
Use a position that is appropriate for athlete's: flexibility, injury-history, aspiration, event-duration
Advice on equipment and bike selection

Matt Brett came to us for a fitting in anticipation of his participation at The World Championships. Click the image to view.

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