Saddle Fitting

The right saddle in the correct position can improve cycling comfort and performance, and we use the most advanced technology to ensure that you enjoy your cycling.

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Saddle Fitting with Pressure Mapping

We have integrated the GebioMized system into the Cyclefit fitting process, enabling us to accurately measure pressure and better visualise the rider’s contact with the saddle. Combined with our cycling analyst’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics, Pressure Mapping provides objective feedback, enabling us to make small, precise adjustments and interventions to optimise your connection with the bike and making it an all-round more enjoyable ride.

There are many physiological and mechanical factors that affect saddle comfort that need to be addressed before a stand alone saddle session. 

If you have not had a Cyclefit with us please book here and we will address the saddle selection and its position during your appointment.