Bike Sizing

Choosing the correct size frame when buying your new bike is vital for an optimal cycling position, comfort and performance.

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Cyclefit Bike Sizing

The Cyclefit Bike Sizing service helps to give you a better idea of your correct bike set-up and help with any decisions regarding new bike purchases. Using simple body measurements, we are able to use our Cyclefit Fit Bike and Pure Position frame-finding software to replicate the position of any stock bike so that you can try ride the bike without actually needing the bike itself!

£95 Manchester & Wilmslow / 60 min

This service will provide a recommendation for the best frame size, approximate saddle height and handlebar position by searching 1000’s of bikes in our database, all based upon your personal measurements that we will input into our software. 

Please note this is not as thorough as a full Cyclefit appointment. If you would like to determine your optimal riding position and exact set up of bike including stem length, spacer stack, seat post offset, crank length, saddle position and bar position then a full Cyclefit is recommended.

This is a 45 minute service which is fully refundable if you buy a bike from Cyclefit within 3 months of your appointment. If you would like us to set your new bike up to the measurements from your Cyclefit Bike Sizing please book in for a Set to Size service in our workshop by calling us at the store.

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