International Cyclefit Symposium 2016

14th - 15th November, Manchester University

Cometh the hour, cometh the Intelligence

This conference is special because it honours that all too frequent experience when all you have between you and the client?s expectation is collective experience and intelligence. All the speakers this year have been selected because they will contribute on an academic, medical or practical level to our fit intelligence. Sometimes to move forward with a subject you have to move around it. And in the case of bike-fitting that necessarily means drawing from other worlds and subjects: podiatry, psychology, anatomy, medical, academic, physiology, elite sports, to name a few.

ICS, Twinned with ISCO


Best Fitting Tool is One Between Your Ears

When we think of how

Technology Agnostic

We live in a time when we are often viewed and judged our level of technology ? are you an Apple user or

Judged by Intelligence

At Cyclefit we have been consistent through our 14-year history in refusing to be defined or judged by our technology. We use whatever we need to help the technician diagnostically and/or the client experientially. And if there is a complete power-cut, then Cyclefit will go on armed only with a candle and our collective intelligence. And that should always be enough. As it was once when Jules and Phil journeyed to France many years ago to work with a famous ex Tour rider who was having severe health problems. For one reason or another the Cyclefit session was conducted at dusk, in an old barn, down by a river, in the grounds of a magnificent old chateaux. They had no electricity and only oil lamps and torches. All the technology of the time (and there wasn?t much) was worthless. But they had each other, a willing client and ample time. Which proved enough to help the client continue to ride his bike until his health happily improved.

ICS Speakers

We are incredibly excited to have such illustrious Keynote Speakers as Professor Steve Peters and Graeme Obree! In truth all the speakers this year have been selected because they will contribute on an academic, medical or practical level to our fit intelligence. Sometimes to move forward with a subject you have to move around it. And in the case of bike-fitting that necessarily means drawing from other worlds and subjects: podiatry, psychology, anatomy, medical, academic, physiology, elite sports, to name a few.

Professor Steve Peters- Team GB/Team Sky

The Chimp Paradox - And how the human mind can reach optimum performance applied to all walks of life, even bike-fitting

Professor Steve Peters is

Graeme Obree - Legend

How did Graeme make the step from club cyclist to an international superstar of cycling? What attributes did he possess which pushed him above and beyond the ordinary and created a cycling legend?

Fellow cyclist Sir Chris Hoy comments: "Graeme is a genius in the true sense of the word. His uncanny ability to tackle problems from an angle that no-one else could have thought of, makes him a one-off. An original. He sees the world in a different way to us mere mortals and comes up with ideas and solutions which make you laugh, shake your head and say 'why didn't I think of that?!'"###br

Phil Cavell used Graeme at his keynote speech at gebioMized's ISCO Symposium in 2015

Dr Scott Drawer- Team Sky/ British Cycling

Data in sport- Helpful or distraction?

Dr Scott Drawer is the Head of Sky Performance Hub and is currently leading a new project with TeamSky and Sky to investigate the development of unique concept around the exploration of human potential through sport and other creative domains.

Glenn Hunter- English Institute of Sport

Glenn Hunter is a Chartered physiotherapist and head of Athlete Health in the Research and Innovation team at The English Institute of Sport. Along with his R & I colleagues, his main role is to facilitate the 'top secret' development and delivery of new and novel ideas/approaches/equipment which have a performance impact in Olympic and Paralympic sport, working across more that 40 sports and 1400 athletes.
Glenn is a recipient of the international HvU award for sports physiotherapy, which is awarded by the international federation of sports physiotherapy for outstanding achievement in this field. His PhD work is in Innovation and Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Lotte Kraus- Gebiomized- Germany

Women are different - Are women different?

A talk about female specific movements patterns and why "gender specific" is not a term which should be use din biomechanics analysis.

Lotte Kraus holds a master degree in physiotherapy as well as several international certificates in physical therapy in the field of manual and sports physiotherapy. She upgraded her research skills during her masters degree at the Danube University Krems with evaluating the Center of Pressure in Cycling Optimisation.
Lotte is working as biomechanical researcher, educator and cycling analyst for gebioMized in Germany. She is well known as a specialist for biomechanical topics, athletic assessments and gender specific views in national and international publications.
In 2016, she supports several world tour cyclists on their way to Rio and the female world tour team Cervelo Bigla. Furthermore she is Jury Member of the Design&Innovation Award of the Enduro Magazine and the Eurobike Innovation Award.

Mick Habgood- BHSc BAppSc (Pod) MChS Biomechanical Podiatrist

Evidence for Bikefitting - What do we actually know from a scientific perspective?

Barney (@bgwainwright) is a Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University and provides services to athletes and sports organisations through his company, Sports Metrics Ltd. He combines his role in academia, carrying out cycling related research, with its? practical application as a bike fitter, biomechanist, physiologist and aerodynamicist. Barney has an extensive history and wealth of experience of working with high performance athletes in a number of sports, and was a member of Team GB at the Athens and Beijing Olympics and Team Canada at the Vancouver Olympics. He helped developed Giant UK?s Powerfit bikefitting system, and also provides Aerodynamics testing at the Derby Velodrome via A core principle running through all of Barney?s work is the application of evidenced-based approaches to improving cycling performance.

Victor Calsamiglia- Cyclistlab

Lessons we can learn from the pursuit of performance excellence in professional music: A violinists perspective.

Victor is a bike fitter and

ICS 2016 Unplugged

The Intelligence of Fit


Paraic McGlynn - Cyclologic

Paraic McGlynn, a native of Ireland, has been coaching and working with elite athletes in Europe and the US since the early nineties. A former Cat 1 cycling racing career transitioned into coaching and sports biomechanics, sports science and sports performance analysis. After graduating from a national coach education program, he became a fulltime educator, studying with the French Cycling Federation and completing his National Coaching and Training Center tutor certification in 1994.

Paraic has a passion for technology and education influenced by working for Intel?s training department in Ireland and the United States and has a Graduate Qualification in Corporate Training and Development. In 2000, Paraic relocated to the US and became co-owner of a retail store in Arizona. He worked to develop a more scientific approach to bike fitting, sports orthotics, and developed cycling motion analysis methodologies. Prior to founding Cyclologic, Paraic was a director of Serotta?s

Jon Iriberri - Custom4Us

Jon Iriberri is working as a cycling technician from 1994 - after discovering his own limitations as a competitive road and

Julian Wall - Cyclefit

Julian has worked in the bicycle industry since 1990. He has raced bikes in practically every way humanly possible. Julian is a qualified masseur and also personally coached Jenny Copnall from handy aspirant to potential National Championship (MTB 2003).

Julian has trained at the Serotta Academy in New York and also under Paul Swift from Bike Fit systems.

Julian is a European

Curtis Cramblett - Revolutions in Fitness

A Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT) for over 20 years, Curtis holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy from Ohio University and is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) with the Institute of Physical Arts. He teaches postgraduate Physical Therapy classes as well as bicycle fitting classes throughout the US and internationally.

Curtis is an expert at identifying and addressing musculoskeletal dysfunctions, and is an adviser to the Garmin-Cerv

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Manchester University, Barnes Wallis Building, Manchester, M1 7JA

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Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa

As we are in Manchester there are plenty of bars and restaurants for evening entertainment. The speakers will be staying at the MacDonald Hotel.

Monday Night Reception at Cyclefit, 41 Newton

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