Cervelo - More Engineers Than Bike Models

Cervélo started in 1995 when design engineers Phil White and Gérard Vroomen were approached by 1991/1992 World Road Race Champion, Gianni Bugno to design him the world's most aerodynamic bike (above).

Fast By Design

It is fair to say that Cervélo has consistently re-defined expectation of what a performance road bike looks and feels like for a new generation of racers and riders. What we love most about Cervélo is their unparalleled focus. They don't do kids bikes, mountain bikes or even hybrids. What they do is design and fabricate incredibly fast road bikes for people who want to ride incredibly fast. Simple.

Secret Fans

We first became secret fans at Cyclefit in 2003 when Cervélo entered the Pro Tour peloton as the official bike supplier to Team CSC. At the time it seemed inceredible that such a tiny niche aero bike company could achieve such a feat.CSC/Cervélo remained one of the most enigmatic and stylish teams until 2008.

Cervélo at Cyclefit

And now we are part of the Cervélo family and they are part of ours. We look forward to sharing this very special bike company's unique blend of aerodynamics, aesthetics and unashamed focus with you. We will be running a test-fleet of Cervélo's throughout 2016 and would like to invite you try one for yourself.

Our most popular bikes can be viewed on here, find out more about Cervelo's bike models on Cervelo's website.

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