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Bikes at Cyclefit

If cycling is important to you then at some point you will make a decision whether your next bike will be built around a stock frame or whether you will have a custom frame tailored to your unique bio-mechanics using your bike fitting data.
At Cyclefit we are unusual because over 80% of our bike builds are custom designed and conceived around an individual, and in that sense we are unashamedly partisan towards the philosophy of custom as an instrument to achieve perfection.
Is there a better way to express a great bike fitting than a tailor made custom bicycle frame. We think not.

Full-Custom Frame

This means starting with a cyclist and a blank sheet of paper. A two hour CycleFit session is used to both understand every detail of someone's cycling history, physiology and aspiration. The session painstakingly circles the final equilibrium of an individual's biomechanical perfection.
After which an evaluation of possible bike manufacturers from our portfolio is considered and importantly frame materials and material combinations. Stiffness, lightness, durability and aesthetics - steel, titanium, titanium/carbon and carbon are all discussed.

A draft of the custom frame and a CAD drawing are created to show the finished frame archicture.
The drafting process not only ensures that there is no compromise in terms of final position but also that there is perfect weight-distribution of the rider to guarantee perfect riding dynamics.


Once the frame design is confirmed we will help you select the components that best suit you and your new frame. Cyclefit has a portfolio of components and wheels from the world's leading manufacturers.


Once everythng is confirmed and the final draft of the frame approved we will confirm the build time which an vary from eight to ten weeks depending on the frame builder. When the frame arrives at Cyclefit we will schedule the assembly and ontact you to make an appointment for the colletion and final tweaks to the set-up.

Lifetime Guarantee

All our frames come with a lifetime warranty and one year's warranty on the components. All our bikes get a first free service within three months of collection and one free follow-up appointment to fine tune the position if necessary.