Bike Fitting Courses

Cyclefit will be hosting bike fitting classes over the winter at its Central London HQ in Covent Garden, London.
Cyclefit's Directors Julian wall and Philip Cavell and Cyclefit Technician and Physiotherapist Morgan Lloyd will be presenting the two day courses more.

Julian and Phil have been bike fitting for ten years and each have twenty years experience in bike retail. They have also worked in conjunction with SICI and Trek UK's Fit Services.
Morgan Lloyd is a qualified physiotherapist; his in-depth anatomical knowledge and hands-on experience will help students get a greater understanding of how the body works on a bicycle.

Cyclefit also hosted The International Cyclefit Symposium in January 2012 which gathered together leading experts in bike fitting and bio-mechanics to present their experiences and studies to over fifty delegates. The 2013 Symposium is scheduled for the first week of February, details coming soon.

There are three two-day courses scheduled over the winter starting with the Cyclefit Course in November which is an introduction to bike fitting, anatomy and bike set-up. Cyclefit Foot Dynamics concentrates on the foot/shoe/pedal interface and pedalling technique and Cyclefit's first Advanced Course teaches:

Dartfish Motion Analysis
Advanced physical evaluation
Pelvic assymetry
Custom bike frame design
Cycling Related Injuries

'After recent events in the cycle industry Cyclefit is the only bike fitting system that is not owned by a bike or component manufacturer' stated Philip Cavell ' we can offer independent and unbiased high quality training for the individual bike fitter, medical practitioner and bike shop employees who will be able to utilise their skills to ensure a cyclist is correctly set-up and riding properly on their bicycle'.

For more information or to reserve a place on one of Cyclefit's Courses please call: 020 7430 0083 or email:

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